portal thumbnail

24 Votes: Portal by Dan Trachtenberg (Short)

Agent(s): Harley Copen, Emile Gladstone, Marc Helwig, George Ruiz / ICM
Manager(s): Ben Rowe / Oasis

boyinbubble thumbnail

17 Votes: The Boy In The Bubble by Kealan O’Rourke (Short)

Agent(s): Chris Smith, Trevor Astbury, Tanya Cohen / Paradigm
Manager(s): Jairo Alvarado / 3 Arts

13 Votes: Rosa

13 Votes: Rosa by Jesus Orellana (Short)

Agent(s): Bryan Besser, Rob Herting / Verve
Manager(s): Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment

the gate screenshot 3

9 Votes: The Gate by Matt Westrup (Short)

Manager(s): Tom Drumm / Safran Co.

5 Votes: The Candidate

7 Votes: The Candidate by David Karlak (Short)

Agent(s): Scott Henderson, Chris Smith / Paradigm
Manager(s): Trevor Engelson / Underground

high main.

5 Votes: High Maintenance by Shawn Wines (Short)

Agent(s): Aaron Hart, Ava Jamshidi / ICM

4 Votes: Black Keyes “Howlin for You”

4 Votes: Black Keys “Howlin for You” by Chris Marrs Piliero (Music Video)

Agent(s): Philip D’Amecourt, Daniel Cohan, Roger Green / WME
Manager(s): Evan Silverberg / Underground Management

fleshlightning thumbnail

4 Votes: Fleshlighting by Brandon Dermer (Short)

Manager(s): Trevor Engelson, Evan Silverberg / Underground Management


4 Votes: Blinky by Ruairi Robinson (Short)

Agent(s): Martin Spencer, Adam Kanter / CAA
Agent(s): Josh Varney / Independent Talent Group (UK)
Manager(s): Tom Lassally / 3 Arts Entertainment

3 Votes: Houdini

3 Votes: Houdini directed by DANIELS (Music Video)

Manager(s): Christie Smith, Brent Lilley / Mosaic


3 Votes: ExSex by Michael Mohan (Short)

Agent(s): Kathleen Remington / ICM

3 Votes: Eye Of The Storm

3 Votes: Eye Of The Storm by Chris Alender (Short)

Agent(s): Ramses Ishak, Michael Sheresky / UTA
Manager(s): James Engle / Benderspink

2 Votes: Dead Island

2 Votes: Dead Island by Stuart Aitken (Commercial)

Manager(s): Richard Scott / Axis Animation

2 Votes: The Force

2 Votes: The Force by Lance Accord (Commercial)

Agent(s): Todd Feldman, John Garvey / CAA

babyland thumbnail

2 Votes: Babyland by Marc Fratello (Short)

Manager(s): Peter Dealbert / Principato/Young Management

2 Votes: Modern Times

2 Votes: Modern Times by Ben Craig (Short)

Agent(s): Robert Newman / WME